Welcome to the Benevity Community

A space for Benevity Clients to create positive impact at work and in the world.

Our Manifesto

We believe in the power of people to take positive action. So call us optimists, but also call us activists for Goodness. Because we know that hope and optimism are only worthwhile if followed by an active pursuit of change —and we are in pursuit!

We know that if we change nothing, nothing will change. We believe in connection over division and coalition over competition. And when we are open to sharing, learning, listening, and acting together, that is when we become “We” and new possibilities can be discovered.

This community is a place that thrives on diverse thoughts and experiences. It's a space for members to connect, share different perspectives and create a place of belonging, with the understanding that we are so much more powerful together than when we are apart.

Our Values

Our values are what makes us a community, bringing in like-minded individuals. Here we show up with these key elements in mind:

What You'll Find Inside

Members: Connect with your peers from near and far! Whether it’s an online chat, comments, or creating groups of interest, you can intuitively create these connections!

Topics: Have an idea? Bring it in and ask for feedback from other members. 

Impact Groups: Join (create & lead!) special groups focused on topics you're interested in!

Resources: You will also find an array of resources, anything from exclusive presentations, recordings and conversations! To resources and guides for running and planning campaigns, community success stories, best practices & more!

Events: Stay up to date with Benevity product updates, peer-led events through live sessions to learn from experts and from other peers! Too busy? We’ve got you! You can also access the recordings at your own time.

Mobile: Carry the community with you anywhere and anytime by downloading the App so you never miss an event, fun pic or connection!

Are You Ready?

Let's Connect, Learn & Grow. Join us and be a part of this unique community of purpose-driven individuals.